Iran Inflation Rate Runs Rampant; Gov. Spends Treasure on “War Games”

As Iranians have stuck in a state of limbo, struggling to survive from hands to mouth, IRI’s kleptocrats spend the billions of windfall cash, provided by the so-called Iran Deal, on “War Games” and fund proxies for its global terror and role in destabilizing the Middle East.

IRI Kills Minorities In Iran

ICBPS– Zoroastrian priest’s dead body found in Southeastern Iran, cops suspect murder. The corpse of […]

Iranian Airliner Bolsters Terrorism

ICBPS– IRGC-affiliated airliner flying over Syria was reportedly forced to alter its course after being […]

President Donald Trump Has Found the Holy Grail

In the November 2016 US Presidential Election, the Republican ticket of businessman Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence defeated the Democratic ticket of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine. Trump took office as the 45th president, and Pence as the 48th vice president, on January 20, 2017. Trump has found the Holy Grail

The QI: American Foreign Policy As Conceived By Tehran

Last year, a new American foreign-policy think-tank called the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft was established in Washington, DC. The think tank describes its mission as “laying the foundation for a new foreign policy centered on diplomatic engagement and military restraint….to bring together like-minded progressives and conservatives and set US foreign policy on a sensible and humane footing.” The Institute, which is primarily funded by billionaires George Soros (a far-left plutocrat and a major donor to the Democratic Party) and Charles Koch (a self-described libertarian and a major Republican Party donor), has assembled a cadre of self-proclaimed policy analysts from both the extreme left and extreme right of the American political spectrum. They share a similar viewpoint of isolationism and opposition to the post-World War II expansionist American foreign policy. However, delving into the background of some of the think tank’s key figures, one finds that it is not driven by a legitimate concern for peace or American interests, but in fact, it is new syndicate serving the interests of the Islamic regime in Iran.

COVID19 Illustrates the Need for Neural Network Journalism

In a previous article, the Institute for Capacity Building of Human Rights outlined its philosophy of neural network-based journalism. Neural networks were defined in the article as “a set of algorithms, modeled loosely after the human brain, that are designed to recognize patterns… The patterns they recognize are numerical, contained in vectors, into which all real-world data… must be translated.

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