Iranian Workers Have Gone On Nationwide Strike

ICBPS- Following the wave of protests and strikes in Iran, a group of contract workers in Asaluyeh, southern Iran went on a nationwide strike on Wednesday, July 23, 2021, in protest of poor working conditions, low wages, wage inequality, and lack of welfare.

EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know The Team At IAL

Since February of 2021, dozens of American Representatives have come out in support of the Iranian American community with commitments to end the policy of appeasement towards the Islamic Republic and to help their compatriots gain freedom and democracy.

No Matter Who Wins, The Ayatollahs Must Go

Israel Hayom- In Iran, elections, like other issues, are based on fraud and mischief. Iran uses paper ballots nationwide that have to be counted by hand. It is the most effective way of rigging elections.

Islamic Republic Expels Italian Nun Who Has Spent Her Life For Poor

Vatican News- Seventy-five-year-old Sister Giuseppina Berti, who has worked for 26 years in the leprosarium of Tabriz and now lives in Isfahan in the house of the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, will have to leave Iran in the coming days. In fact, her visa has not been renewed and she has received a travel order. Her departure will make it difficult for her fellow nun, Sister Fabiola Weiss, a 77-year years old Austrian, who has dedicated 38 years to the poor and the sick in the leprosy hospital, and whose residence permit has been renewed for another year.

IAL Calls On Biden To Publicly Support Canada’s Court Decision

Iranian Americans For Liberty- On January 8, 2020, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down a Ukraine Airlines commercial airliner, Flight #PS752, with two surface-to-air missiles shortly after takeoff in Tehran, Iran.

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