Biden’s Intelligence Community And 2 Angry Spy Mullahs

In the bipolar political atmosphere of Persian Gulf – after boycott of Qatar – ; the formation of anti-Iran Front ; the existence of cold war or rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran ; new diplomacy of White house and change of dynamic of MENA; withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Syria; post era of JCPOA without presence of US ; the post era of Arab Spring; the reluctance of US for serious intervention in MENA; re- appearance of Russia in the region; Middle East has challenged a new turmoil and instability.

Why It Is Still Time to Declare the IRGC a Terrorist Organization

As the one-year anniversary of the tragedy of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 approaches, still, there is no justice. However, even before the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps fired the rocket that downed the aircraft—killing 176 people, more than 80 of them Canadian residents—there was already much to mourn. The slaughter of innocents in Iran, by the IRGC, has a long history, dating back to the organization’s inception in 1979.