The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Four Decades of Crimes; What the Apologists Hide

ICBPS- The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has a long experience in the art of “troublemaking” in order to remain in power. Since the Islamic Revolutionaries seized power in 1979, the IRI has preserved its kleptocratic rule by being indecorous around the world, and taking the Iranian people through one crisis after another in a never-ending saga.

Iran Can Easily Hunt U.S. Submarines In The Persian Gulf With Fishing Traps: MP

ICBPS- The deputy speaker of Majlis – When we had a lack of technology to deal with the threats by the US and Israel, they were not able to do anything. However, the tables have turned and we have made significant technological achievements. In the last few years, we were able to steal US surveillance drones. We are now fully capable of hunting US atomic submarines using fishnets.