Islamic Republic, Crisis of Legitimacy, Presidential Elections

In about a month, the Islamic Republic will experience a presidential election for the thirteenth time in its life. The government of the Islamic Republic is concerned about it because according to the events of January 2018, November 2019, and January 2020, which led to the bloodshed of thousands of Iranian protesters, today the majority of society believes in boycotting the elections. In the coming days, Iranians will once again become a “wise nation always ready to act” and ostensibly decide the fate of the country for the next 4 years. This issue has significant manifestations that will follow from the living conditions of the people to the major national issues and the international image of the country.

Iran-Israel Relations Back To More Than 2,500 Years

Relations between the Iranian and Jewish nations date back to more than 2,500 years, before the founding of Israel as a country, when Cyrus the Great conquered the Babylonian Empire (modern Mesopotamia) and freed the captive Jews in Babylon to return to their homeland, “Israel”. In the Jewish Torah, Cyrus is referred to as the “God’s Savior”, which had a very positive effect on modern relations between Iran and Israel, especially in the first 30 years. The reason for the complexity and specificity of the relations between the two countries is that Iran is considered a Muslim country; But on the other hand, Iran is not only an Arab country, but throughout history, it has always been threatened by the Arabs for its territorial integrity, which seeks to separate parts of Iran, including the islands of Greater and Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa, the southern part of Iran, including Khuzestan province, is supported by the United Kingdom and governs the Persian Gulf.

Iran Lobby: What You Should Know About Ellie Geranmayeh

ICBPS- Ellie Geranmayeh, graduated in Law from the University of Cambridge, UK and the University of Virginia Bachelor of Laws from the University of Cambridge, UK Master of Laws from the University of Virginia in law, is a senior policy fellow for the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). She focuses on European foreign policy on the Middle East, in particular in relation to Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

Reaction of Iranian Americans for Liberty to Article in Responsible Statecraft

A recent article in Responsible Statecraft by Bryan Metzger titled, “How a shadowy, hawkish new group tied to Iranian monarchists is gaining influence in Congress” purports several blatant untruths about Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) and our organization’s work, putting the lives of Iranians abroad and their families at home at grave risk.

Le Nouveau Directeur de la CIA Sous L’Administration Biden

Le 24 février 2021 aura lieu l’audience de confirmation de William Burns, en tant que directeur de la Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), « agence centrale de renseignement » aux États-Unis. Actuellement, Cohen est directeur intérimaire de la CIA. Les mollahs veulent provoquer le terrorisme comme un signal à Biden pour la libération des sanctions, mais en pratique, le régime iranien a continué la prolifération et l’approbation du réseau terroriste transnational.