Ayatollahs’ Misogynistic Regime, Oppressor Of Human Rights, Selected To UN Commission On Status Of Women

ICBPS- On April 19, 2021, the Islamic Republic was elected [selected] to the UN’s Commission on Status of Women, an organization that acts to be the global champion for alleged gender equality.

The Black Day Of Women’s Rights: Iranian Lawyer

After the tragic event of February 1979, Iran fell into the hands of the Left and Islamic Alliance, and this led to the loss of much of the progress that had been made about half a century earlier and during the Pahlavi era. The revolt was sparked when a revolution called the White Revolution or the King and Nation Revolution, recognizing rights such as the right to vote, the right to run for parliament and even the ministry, the right to divorce for women and the implicit prohibition of polygamy for men. The religious leadership, led by the mullahs, considered these laws contrary to the “religion of Islam” and the “eternal, sacred and unchangeable laws of Allah”. The leftists in Iran at the time, who received orders from the Soviet Union, also seized the opportunity to strike at the body of the Iranian political system. The fight against the current anti-women laws in the Islamic Republic in Iran arose and they paid heavy penalties by their lives.

UN Appoints The Most Misogynistic Regime to Judge Women’s Rights Complaints

Once Again, the UN Appoints Islamic Republic in Iran to Judge Women’s Rights Complaints. Yesterday, the anti women’s rights Islamic Republic in Iran won 43 votes in a secret ballot at the UN’s 54-nation Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). According to UN Watch at least four of the 15 EU and Western Group democracies on ECOSOC—which include Canada (which pretends to be a “feminist” state), Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Swiss, the UK, Portugal, and the USA—voted for the Islamic Republic in Iran.

Iran: Jailed Monarchist On Hunger Strike To Plea For Basic Rights

ICBPS- Monarchist prisoner Khaled Pirzadeh, whose prison beatings left him unable to walk, went on a hunger strike after authorities barred him from being sent to the medical center. He serves his prison term at Greater Tehran Penitentiary.

Jailed Rights Lawyer Soheila Hejab Faces New Charges

ICBPS- Jailed rights lawyer Soheila Hejab faces new charges of propaganda against national security and disturbing public opinion after she was summoned to the Islamic Revolutionary court on Sunday.

Health Taken Hostage: Islamic Regime in Occupied Iran Denies Treatment To Jailed Rights Lawyer Soheila Hejab

ICBPS- The Islamic regime in Iran has been persecuting jailed rights lawyer Soheila Hejab by denying her adequate medical care.

Monarchist Soheila Hejab, the human rights lawyer, who was arrested by IRGC agents in 2019, was taken hostage by the Islamic authorities, who recklessly ignored the medical needs of the jailed lawyer in custody.

The jailed Monarchist condition with serious health problems has been exacerbated by continued detention and repeated refusal to allow her access to the medical treatment and healthcare facilities she so urgently requires.

Iran: Capital Punishment Has Not Deterred Drug-Related Crimes

ICBPS- In 2020, the Islamic Judiciary system issued at least 22,271 months of prison term and more than 23,946 lashes for protesting the Khomeinist regime in Iran, reported Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA). According to the rights group, 72% of the total 236 executions in 2020 were carried out in secret.

UN Calls For Accountability On Iran 1988 Prison Massacre Marks Turning Point In Three-Decade Struggle

Amnesty International- A group of UN human rights experts have written to the Iranian government warning that past and ongoing violations related to prison massacres in 1988 may amount to crimes against humanity and that they will call for an international investigation if these violations persist, a push for accountability welcomed by Amnesty international on the eve of International Human Rights Day. Iran 1988 Prison Massacre

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