Has Mossad Assassinated Iranian Nuclear Scientist?

How can it be accepted that in two decades, Mossad has carried out numerous operations, from explosions and arson in the most important and sensitive centers to the assassination of nuclear scientists and the second al-Qaeda operative [in Tehran]? But not a single person be arrested, and intelligence officials should not change. There is no such thing anywhere in the world.

Western Media Aren’t Telling You the Truth About Iran

WALL STREET JOURNAL- For us, it is as if there are two Irans—the one where we live and another that you read about. Your Iran is defined by a pesky nuclear negotiation. Ours is much worse. It is a religious police state where we live in fear, with countless red lines that most dare not cross. It is a country of repression, censorship and violence.

UPDATED- Iran’s Water Crisis Protests Enter Fifth Night

ICBPS- Iran’s ‘water shortage’ protests have entered the fifth night in a row, more cities have joined the ongoing demonstrations. Five days of protests against water shortages and electricity blackouts in the nation’s southwest have turned deadly, with gunfire killing at least three people, injuring dozens so far. Late Thursday, July 15, 2021, people in […]