Iran Army, IRGC Destroy Targets During Joint Dummy Drills

ICBPS- Iran Army and IRGC destroy aggressive targets by Indigenous Air Defense Shields during Joint Drills.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) forces have exercised destruction of hypothetical enemy targets in high, and mid altitudes by alleged home-made Third of Khordad and Khordad 15 air defense systems during the joint aerial wargames on Wednesday, reported the IRGC-run Fars News.

Iran Shows Off New Domestic Radar Systems

ICBPS- Iran has unveiled a new domestic radar system dubbed “Soroush” and “Misaq” last week after tensions with the United States spiked.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army unveiled the domestic radar system during Holy Defense Week (an annual event to commemorate eight years of alleged resistance of Iran-Iraq War) and deployed it in its integrated air defense network, reported IRGC-run Tasnim News.

Iran’s Navy Admiral Warns U.S. Naval Forces

ICBPS- Iran’s Navy commander in chief Hossein Khanzadi has warned the U.S. Naval Forces in the Middle East that all U.S. military movements in the region ate under observation.

“We closely monitor all U.S. moves in the region, including the Indian Ocean,” claimed the Admiral.

Iran’s naval forces closely watch U.S. vessels’ movements in the region — even the name of the commander of each American vessel and “what eligibility criterion went through, and idiosyncrasy are in the databases of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The Bermuda Triangle Of Lawbreakers

But what are each triangle Of lawbreakers looking for? China is only seeking to establish a naval base in Iran. And where better than Chabahar port, the only oceanic port located on the Gulf of Oman, in the cape of the Persian Gulf?! At the time of sanctions, cheap Iranian oil is not as important as having a military base in the region, as Beijing seeks military influence in the region. Hence, the Triple Axis has held two naval exercises in the Oman Sea (northern of Indian Ocean) since 2019. China also looks for raw materials for its production, consumer markets, and faster-cheaper transport channels. China seeks to expand and strengthen its economic, political and military influence and geopolitical position in the world. 

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