Iranian Airliner Bolsters Terrorism

ICBPS– IRGC-affiliated airliner flying over Syria was reportedly forced to alter its course after being approached by a foreign fighter jet, IRI state-run media announced on Thursday. Experts say the Islamic Republic of Iran bolsters terrorism by using airliners as “Human Shield” tactics. The Mahan Airline (owned by IRGC terrorists) flight #1152 en route to […]

Islamic Terrorism Is Rampant in Bangladesh

When we think of Islamic Fundamentalist groups, we tend to think about the Middle East because of the huge media coverage about them in these countries. However, while we shudder at the gruesome situation in these regions, fundamentalist Islamist groups are systematically spreading fear and terror in developing countries in South and Southeast Asia. We […]

How Obama’s Iran Deal Funded Terrorism

In 2015, the Iranian Khomeinist regime received up to $150 billion into its bank accounts from the Obama administration. That windfall of cash was provided through terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran Nuclear Deal. That gusher of western cash then flowed directly into terror funding, even though Iranian experts and dissidents had warned over […]

Western Media Aren’t Telling You the Truth About Iran

WALL STREET JOURNAL- For us, it is as if there are two Irans—the one where we live and another that you read about. Your Iran is defined by a pesky nuclear negotiation. Ours is much worse. It is a religious police state where we live in fear, with countless red lines that most dare not cross. It is a country of repression, censorship and violence.