About Institute of Capacity Building for Political Studies

About Institute of Capacity Building for Political Studies (ICBPS)

“We Are Born to Fight for A Better World, Not to Die.”
— Kaveh Taheri

The Institute of Capacity Building for Political Studies (ICBPS) – as a sister organization of ICBHR, registered in the U.S. – is a non-governmental research institute focusing on political studies, international security, and international relations.
The ICBPS provides timely and in-depth analysis and research for improving relations between nation-states, identifying malicious and destructive activities, and exposing solutions to eliminate any peril threatening civilized society.
The ICBPS also dedicatedly conducts research and advocacy on topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology, and culture.
ICBPS kindly introduces its online platform as an unlimited and uncensored space for all writers, bloggers, journalists, thinkers, analysts and those who have been kept on the margins by the elite, and not allowed to publish by the media or think tanks.
The ICBPS was founded by a group of specialists and investigative journalists in the fields of politics, economics, military, technology, culture, and civil liberties, focusing on the Middle East, the Far East, Central Asia, Africa, South and North America, and Europe with aims and objectives of having an important and effective voice in promoting and strengthening civil societies through monitoring, researching, analyzing, presenting solutions and news reporting on politics, economics, and military issues.
The ICBPS is funded by donations and humanitarian aid from non-governmental organizations supporting human rights, endowment foundations, and support from those who care about peace and a civilized society.

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