What Is The US Strategem On Islamdom?

The Biden administration is convinced that it will succeed in concluding a nuclear agreement with Iran (I am skeptical, I don’t think the Mullah’s regime in Iran are interested other than playing for time) but what are the plans of the Biden administration for the period after a conclusion of an agreement? America’s allies in Islamdom worry that the Biden administration will continue to court Mullah’s regime in the hope of reconciling with the ruling mullahs. The reasons behind this fear is Rob Malley who will remain in charge of the Iran file and his agenda is identical to that of Barack Obama, namely aligning America with the Islamists. Furthermore, much of the Biden administration is populated by former Obama staffers like Malley.

Inside The Mind Of Vladimir Putin

There has been a wide range of attempts to pathologize Russian president Vladimir Putin to explain the Ukraine war. It is surprising that otherwise rational and highly educated observers assume that the Russian system suddenly operates without an elaborate strategy.

Kinesisk-amerikansk kärnkraftsinriktning mot varandra på kollisionskurs

Analys: ‘Kinesisk-amerikansk kärnkraftsinriktning mot varandra på kollisionskurs’

 ” kärnkraftsuppställning   ”

Mellanöstern andas lättare nu.  I mer än två århundraden var denna region för först Storbritannien och sedan USA en sten i skon.  Under hela 1900-talet och de två första decennierna av tjugoförsta århundradet fanns för Mellanöstern inget annat än krig och våld och fragmentering av nationer på kartan.  Krigen och konflikterna var resultatet av stormakternas ambitioner, särskilt inom olje- och energisektorn i denna region.

Who Are The Bells Ringing For?

What is the ruling, on Michael Flynn flying to the Netherlands by private jet, starting the evacuation of the political swamp from Europe, uncovering the face of Deep State, participating in betrayal?! Chinese Globalists will give up soon, enjoy the rest of the events. C

After the US election, many questions must have been on your mind: did Trump have a plan for these days?! What is Kraken?! Can the US election be rigged?! Are Trump fans delusional?! Does the Q-Anon group exist at all?!

Who are the Proud Boys?! What is the story of Mcnaughton paintings?! One week after the election, Trump fired Mark Speer from the Department of Defense and appointed US Special Forces hero Christopher Miller.

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