Has Mossad Assassinated Iranian Nuclear Scientist?

How can it be accepted that in two decades, Mossad has carried out numerous operations, from explosions and arson in the most important and sensitive centers to the assassination of nuclear scientists and the second al-Qaeda operative [in Tehran]? But not a single person be arrested, and intelligence officials should not change. There is no such thing anywhere in the world.

Islamic Republic Expels Italian Nun Who Has Spent Her Life For Poor

Vatican News- Seventy-five-year-old Sister Giuseppina Berti, who has worked for 26 years in the leprosarium of Tabriz and now lives in Isfahan in the house of the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, will have to leave Iran in the coming days. In fact, her visa has not been renewed and she has received a travel order. Her departure will make it difficult for her fellow nun, Sister Fabiola Weiss, a 77-year years old Austrian, who has dedicated 38 years to the poor and the sick in the leprosy hospital, and whose residence permit has been renewed for another year.

Strategies For Long Lasting Protests

Protest movements are designed to accomplish three things; promote a message effectively, exert influence over states and other forces, and bring about positive change. These are not easy goals to achieve, but based on the experiences of protest movements, there are a number of tactics that can be followed that make the achievement of these goals and the consistency of protest movements more likely.

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