UN Appoints The Most Misogynistic Regime to Judge Women’s Rights Complaints

Once Again, the UN Appoints Islamic Republic in Iran to Judge Women’s Rights Complaints. Yesterday, the anti women’s rights Islamic Republic in Iran won 43 votes in a secret ballot at the UN’s 54-nation Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). According to UN Watch at least four of the 15 EU and Western Group democracies on ECOSOC—which include Canada (which pretends to be a “feminist” state), Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Swiss, the UK, Portugal, and the USA—voted for the Islamic Republic in Iran.

A Pivotal Day In Iranian History — ‘Cinema Rex fire’: Aug 19, 1978

In 2001, the Iranian newspaper, Sobhe Emrooz revealed that the Cinema Rex fire was set by radical Islamic supporters; later those journalists were silenced when the newspaper was shut down by the Islamic government of Iran. And they have not ceased censorship among their citizens, arresting many truth speakers to this day.

IRI and Pakistan collaborate with ISIS terrorists and Taliban in Afghanistan

US Air Force Plane reportedly shot down by the Taliban (funded by Iran regime) terrorist group in Ghazni Afghanistan. That area is under Taliban control of the Taliban. NATO Forces are not able to reach the crash site. It’s been reported that all boarded passengers were killed.

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