Iran: Capital Punishment Has Not Deterred Drug-Related Crimes

ICBPS- In 2020, the Islamic Judiciary system issued at least 22,271 months of prison term and more than 23,946 lashes for protesting the Khomeinist regime in Iran, reported Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA). According to the rights group, 72% of the total 236 executions in 2020 were carried out in secret.

The Memorial Of First Girl of Enghelab Street Ever, Vida Movahed

ICBPS- Girls of Enghelab Street (Farsi: دختران_خیابان_انقلاب#‎) was a series of protests against compulsory hijab in Iran. The protest was inspired by an Iranian woman, Vida Movahed, who stood in the crowd on a utility box in the Enghelab Street, in the Iranian capital Tehran on 27 December 2017, tied her hijab, a white headscarf, to a stick, and waved it to the crowd as a flag.

Iran’s Regime MP: We Can Hunt US Atomic Submarines With Fishnet – Cartoon

ICBPS- Iran deputy speaker of Majlis – When we had a lack of technology to deal with the threats by the US and Israel, they were not able to do anything. However, the tables have turned and we have made significant technological achievements. In the last few years, we were able to steal US surveillance drones. We are now fully capable of hunting US atomic submarines using fishnets.

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