Death Toll Of Iran’s Bloody November Crackdown Is More Than What Propagandists Claim

ICBPS- According to multiple reports, Iran has been witnessing an unusual increase in the number of deaths in November 2019. A new report says that the number of additional mortalities in the country in November 2019 was 7,685 people.

The report, which is based on Iran’s National Organization for Civil Registration, indicates that the number of deaths without an apparent cause increased significantly in November 2019 and many provinces witnessed an unusual increase in number of mortality.

The number of deaths in 30 provinces was higher than in the same period the year before as well as the number of deaths [in 29 provinces among 31] has been significantly higher than usual. The death toll has risen compared to the average of the past five years.

According to the document provided by Kaveh Madani, which eventually led to more research, the death rates in November 2019 were not of course caused by COVID19.

The studies rejected the possibility of COVID19, road accidents, seasonal influenza, or natural disasters.

The only [tragic] incident that took place in the fall of 2019, and the death toll was never released was Bloody November, which was occurred as a series of nationwide civil protests in Iran. Protests initially were caused by a 200% increase in fuel prices leading to calls for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic and Khamenei’s tyranny.

The 2019–2020 nationwide Iran Protests, also known as the Bloody November, commenced as peaceful rallies on the evening of 15 November, spread to 21 cities within hours, as videos of the mass protests went viral on social networks, leading to the most serious anti-regime unrest since Ayatollahs took power in 1979.

On the eve of the protests, in response to the mass uprising, the Islamic authorities started disrupting internet connections and social media. The Supreme National Security Council ruled to shut down the internet. During the blackout, Iranian citizens could only access the National Information Network. The shutdown reduced Iran Internet traffic in the country to only 5 percent of normal levels.

Neither the so-called human rights organizations nor any Iranian diaspora-run media tried to find out the truth. Rather, most of them attempted to hide the real numbers. Some of them also tried to turn the reality upside down.

Referring to the mass massacre of protesters in the city of Mahshahr, southwestern Iran, a reporter, Shahed Alavi claimed that anonymous sources say protesters opened fire for the first time, then security agents shot back.

Finally, Kaleme website news, affiliated with the reformists in Iran, implicitly attributed the death toll of November 2019 to the Bloody November. Of course, released such news for political purposes to fight for the legitimacy of reformists and handling presidential debates during the coming election, but the question is that why the so-called human rights organizations and Iranian diaspora media avoid covering the truth.

 Iranian people have sent a clear message to the world that they want “Regime Change” as they clarified it by their slogans during the nationwide protests. The Ayatollahs’ propaganda machine, however, is looking for the hypothetical reform may be on a wild goose chase, but, the people will never take a part in voting queues anymore because they want “Regime Change”.


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