IAL Speaks Out About Death Of IRGC Gen. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

ICBPS- The Iranian Americans For Liberty (IAL) has spoken out regarding the death of IRGC Brig. Gen. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was recently killed in a ‘Targeted Killing’ near Tehran.

In a statement, IAL has brought up contemplative points which have never been mentioned by mainstream outlets.

1️⃣ Fakhrizadeh is being touted as a scientist. That is false.

The IAL says that calling Mohsen Fakhrizadeh a scientist is misleading. According to multiple intelligence reports, he headed the Islamic Republic’s malicious nuclear program’s weaponization efforts. Given the potential for death and destruction, he could be considered a scientist the same way Nazi chief bomb makers were.

2️⃣ If Iran’s nuclear program is “peaceful”, why was a BG in charge?

Fakhrizadeh, like many other high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic, was a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The IRGC is a quasi-military death cult that controls much of power and immeasurable misery in the Middle East, the most notable of which was the downing of a commercial airliner and Republic mouthpieces is how a member of IRGC was in charge of Islamic Republic’s “peaceful” nuclear program? This question, and many others will remain unasked and unanswered so long as the current narrative pushed by the regime goes unchallenged.

3️⃣ Fakhrizadeh was not a national hero.

The international media reported that Fakhrizadeh was a national hero, and his death is being mourned. This is factually incorrect and reveals the content to which the media has unwittingly contributed to the regime’s disinformation campaign, by refusing to do a cursory search of Persian-speaking social media. Countless memes of his embarrassing death are circulating among Iranians, who regard Fakhrizadeh as any other regime element: unimaginably corrupt, indescribably indifferent to the plight of ordinary Iranian, and ultimate obstacle to their prosperity.

IAL also declared that the regime’s nuclear program has already cost the Iranian nation an estimated aggregate of $500 billion, with considering all expenses and lost revenue due to various forms of sanctions over the regime’s nuclear activities.

The IRGC, as the executor of the Islamic Republic’s will, have punished Iranians for their own failures in the past, according to IAL.

“It is imperative that the international community warns against any aggression by the IRGC against Iranians or otherwise, and to protect innocent lives. The people of Iran will not forget their allies in their darkest hour.” ICBPS

IAL Speaks Out About Death Of IRGC Gen. Fakhrizadeh ICBPS Iranian Americans For Liberty.
Iranian Americans For Liberty (IAL) Speaks Out About Death Of IRGC Gen. Fakhrizadeh.
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