IAL To Shed Light On Khomeinist Lobbyists

ICBPS- Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) has launched a campaign to shed light on the darkness NIAC’s brought about with its lobbying for the Khomeinist regime in Iran.

“A few years ago, Iranian-Americans with diverse political background gathered in front of NIAC’s office in DC to oppose Trita Parsi and NIAC,” Iranian-American Samuel Nima Shahan said.

In a statement, the Iranian Americans for Liberty has called the Iranian diaspora in the United States to join its campaign to educate/brief U.S. senators serving on confirmation committees about NIAC and Trita Parsi.

“As you are aware, the Islamic Republic regime’s lobby in Washington, NIAC and NIAC Action, has been soliciting the upcoming Biden administration by introducing staff to the Joe Biden transition team. This will open the door of the White House to the Islamic Republic regime and could have adverse impact on the Iranian-American community, as well as the people inside Iran. The infiltration of the US government by the regime through Trita Parsi and NIAC has occurred before and should never happen again.”

The IAL says it plans to write letters to US senators on confirmation committees and brief them on the malign intents of NIAC and Trita Parsi. We would like them to consider past or present interactions and/or collaborations with NIAC, Trita Parsi, or other regime agents of influence as grounds for scrutinizing prospective Biden cabinet members and to hold them accountable.

IAL assures those who want their identities to remain secure, expressing it fully understands that staying anonymous is important to you due to fear of retaliation by NIAC or the Islamic Republic regime. If you are uncomfortable providing your full name, first and last initials of your names would suffice.

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