Iran Air Pollution Ranked 27th In The World

ICBPS: Iran ranked 27th in world total air polluted countries, as well as its economic freedom scores 49.2, and making its economy the 164th freest in the 2020 index.

Iran ranked 27th among 98 world’s most polluted countries in 2019.

Undeveloped and developing countries – contrary to popular belief – contribute more to environmental pollution” than developed countries.

Iran is one of those countries that its rulers in Tehran do the least to protect the environment as no other issue other than climate change is a truly governmental concern.

The country’s temperature increased in the past four decades and is projected to rise more, water resources, pastures, and forests have been destroyed, rivers dried out and lakes have shriveled because of mismanagement and wetlands went into wastelands.

The scope of the impact of climate change in Iran has hit everything from wildlife, ecosystems, agriculture, and people’s health.

Today, many rare species of animals have become extinct. Millions of Iranians — due to climate change and the lack of welfare and employment facilities in remote areas – have left homelands and migrated to metropolitans. Many villages have been abandoned, small towns have become less populated, and large cities are exploding.

Many villages have been abandoned, small towns face new challenges including less crowded and limited population growth, and metropolitans are exploding. No enough land nor reasonable infrastructure neither resources exist to accommodate the huge crowds in the metropolitans.

As one of the high-ranking countries in air pollution, Iran is not exemplary at resource management and per capita waste. Iran is one of the nations that produce the most waste.

Air pollution has become so bad in the Iranian capital Tehran. Some of the air control stations in the capital exceeded the 210 level in December 2019, as air pollution has chocked Iranian cities, thousands hospitalized monthly, dozens killed, according to Tehran Times.

ICBPS MORNING BRIEF Iran Is 27th Most Polluted Country On Planet
ICBPS MORNING BRIEF Iran Is 27th Most Polluted Country On Planet

Schools [kindergartens, preschools, and primary schools] and governmental offices in the metropolitans – especially in Tehran — are ordered to be shut on several days of year after the Iranian cities are cloaked in dangerously high levels of air pollution.

“The air quality index for the city of Tehran mostly pass the unhealthy status for sensitive groups.”

Warnings are issued for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people suffering from cardio-vascular or respiratory diseases to stay indoors.

Before the COVID19 Coronavirus pandemic hit the country, face masks have not been a rare phenomenon in Iran as many people were seen wearing face masks to avoid fumes.

Iran Air Pollution is the cause of approximately 30,000 deaths per year in the country’s metropolitans. Air pollution causes 10% of deaths in Tehran, reported state-run IRNA in 2019.

Iran Air Pollution causes premature deaths.

According to studies, compared to other causes of premature death, air pollution kills 19 times more people each year than malaria, nine times more than HIV/AIDS, and three times more than alcohol.

The report was gathered by the ICBPS team.

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