Iran Coronavirus Upward Trend Continues; Thousands Infected

ICBPS– At least 3,552 new COCVID19 Coronavirus cases have been detected in Iran in 24 hours.

More than 30,000 people under 18 years old have contracted Coronavirus – 300 children died with COVID19 symptoms.

In a statement, the Islamic health ministry spokeswoman confirmed that 187 people died due to Coronavirus infections in 24 hours.

Iran Coronavirus cases have [officially] crossed the 464,596 thresholds on Saturday with 3,552 infections identified, as the Islamic Republic’s death toll spiked to 26,567.

According to the state-run media, thousands of patients have been admitted to the hospital of the detected new cases.

Nearly 385,264 patients have recovered from the coronavirus infection so far or have been discharged from hospitals across Iran, claimed the spokeswoman.

Iran Coronavirus records [unofficially] show over 120,000 people died with COVID19 symptoms up to October 3, versus 26,567 reported by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).

Iran Coronavirus records previously forced Turkey to postpone all its flights from and to the country after the Coronavirus trends graph on rising anew by over 300%, ICBPS reported. Turkish Airlines, however, resumed some flights from Istanbul to Tehran late September, but, the airlines suspended flights again after about six days.

Iran’s official record, however, makes Iran the worst-hit in the Middle East, but the reports from citizens who have lost loved ones due to Coronavirus are evidence that the Islamic authorities are lying.

The number of people known to be infected with Coronavirus is also almost 60 times the official figures: 25 million as opposed to 464,596.

Since months ago, fifteen of the 31 provinces in Iran have been Coronavirus’ Red Zone’, as the Islamic Ministry of Health spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari warns citizens that the virus trends graph in at least eleven other provinces is on the rise anew. 

And now, almost all provinces in Iran have entered ‘Red Zone’.

On July 18, in an unprecedented statement, IRI’s president Hassan Rouhani exposed that more than 25 million Iranians have been contracted Coronavirus in the country so far.

“It is estimated that 25 million Iranians are infected with the virus in the last 150 days, and that another 35 million are at risk of acquiring it,” ICBPS quoted the so-called moderate president.

Iran’s Leaked Data forced the so-called president to admit the real positive cases apparently.

The estimated number of positive cases is ten times of the government reports.

Yet, the Islamic tyrants decided to end virus-related lockdown, and rituals are set to resume throughout the nation.

The first death in Iran from Covid19 was recorded on January 22, however, evidence of mortality from the disease and Coronavirus stories has been anonymously shared by medical staff.

There is no “reliable” statistics on the number of positive cases or COVID-related deaths in Iran, as IRI’s officials hid the first suspected cases for political reasons.

Iran Coronavirus situation is in a high-security alert.

“The situation in Iran is in high-security alert, and the security agents arrest those medical staff who leak the information or details about the issue,” ABC News was told by Kaveh Taheri, founder of ICBPS.

“Based on grassroots reports received from the country, I am convinced that the estimates would be very close to reality, and we do not trust the official statistics,” Taheri emphasized in his interview.

“Iranians inside the country are extremely frightened, and they don’t know how to get rid of the fatal virus … You cannot imagine how desperate the people are,” he added.

These are the facts that the Islamic Republic in occupied Iran and ROGUE-WOOERS try to hide.

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