Iran COVID Rampant Is Much Bigger than What IRI Claims

ICBPS– At least 215 people have died of COVID 19 across Iran in the past 24 hours, declared the spokesperson of the Islamic health ministry.

Iran novel coronavirus-related deaths show that the official statistics are not accurate as the recent ‘leaked documents’ revealed at least 42,000 people died with COVID 19 symptoms up to July 20, versus the Islamic Republic of Iran’s figures 14,000.

The Islamic spokesperson also added that 2,598 new cases of Coronavirus had been recorded in the past 24 hours, so the number of people known to be contracted COVID 19 is 453,622 as opposed to former official figures 312,035.

The IRI’s statistics are highly questionable as the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majles) have stated that the statistics of Coronavirus disease and its casualties are manifold of what senior Mullahs claim.

In an unprecedented statement, IRI’s President Hassan Rouhani, however, forced to expose that “more than 25 million Iranians have been contracted COVID 19 in the country so far, and it is estimated that another 35 million are at risk of acquiring it.”

IRI has utterly botched its response to the novel Coronavirus since the Chinese Virus brought into Iran [from China] by IRGC-owned Mahan Air – and, it re-exported throughout the Middle East as well as some Iranian travelers were found illness with COVID 19 once they arrived western countries.

There is no doubt that IRI intentionally brought the virus into the country. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran is experienced in botching up its response to a crisis, and it makes no difference that IRI confronts lethal pandemic disease or sociopolitical catastrophe. 

The city of Qom, Iran’s initial epicenter of the Chinese Virus, is worst hit proportionally, with 1419 deaths – that is one death with COVID19 for every 1,000 people – nearly 1916 deaths, who were non-Iranian nationals, have been recorded. It shows a disproportionate number of fatalities amongst migrants, who are mostly from neighboring Afghanistan.

In May, the chief of IRI’s Medical Council Public Relations announced that at least 792 medical staff had been infected with COVID19, and more than 107 died across the country.

Since months ago, Iran’s provinces have been Coronavirus ‘Red Zone’, as Iranian specialists warn citizens that the virus trends graph in at least 14 provinces is on the rise anew. But, the Islamic tyrants decided to end virus-related lockdown, and rituals are set to resume across the country. 

In mid-April, The Institute of Capacity Building for Human Rights (ICBHR) reported that more than 3,000 employees of the Iranian banking system contracted the Coronavirus, and at least 42 died after falling ill with the virus.

Iran is the country that suffered greatly due to an incompetent and uncaring authoritarian regime was Iran, which quickly became the nation with the second-rate of COVID 19 cases, after China, the ICBHR explained in another detailed survey.

IRI’s botching response to the virus forced Iranians to make a death-or-death decision on how to prioritize surviving from the ChiChom Virus of IRI Virus. Will Iranians get the opportunity to save themselves from viruses? The people will decide.

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