Iran Daily News Feed – Monday, September 6, 2021


It’s Monday and welcome to our very first edition of ‘Iran Daily News Feed’ I’m your host, Kate and thank you so much for joining us today.


-Iran’s death toll rates hit its peak due to COVID19

-Judiciary Updates on Iran’s ‘Billions Petrochemical Fraud’

-Dozens Of Iranian Monarchists Are In Custody

-High Suicide Rate Among Iranian Housewives

-Ongoing Water Crisis of Iran

-Demonstrations Continue In Iran


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The Institute of Capacity Building for Political Studies (ICBPS) – as a sister organization of ICBHR, registered in the U.S. – is an English language Media outlet and “speakers’ bureau.” The ultimate goal will be to make the Network a most authoritative and in-depth source of information on Iran and Iran-related matters. The ICBPS is not only a media outlet covering all aspects of Iranian politics, human rights, culture, arts, etc. but also promotes the most knowledgeable people on the topic and helps direct audience attention to the most reliable and influential voices covering Iran. The urgency for the ICBPS is due in large part to a lack of credible or accurate information about Iran, in the broader news media at the moment.

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