Iran Dummy Submarine Test Fires Torpedo

ICBPS- Iranian made semi-heavy submarine test-fired torpedoes during Army-Navy drills. Iran’s domestically-developed semi-heavy “Fateh” (the Conquerer) submarine test-fired torpedoes and successfully hit the hypothetical target, state-run media reported.

The local-made submarine tested torpedoes during “Marine Power 99” military drills of the Iranian Army Navy, which started on Wednesday in Makran coasts and the northern Indian Ocean, spokesman of the drills Rear-Admiral Hamzeh Ali Kaviani said.

The surface-to-surface cruise missiles, submarine, and flight units of the Iranian Navy took part in the drills, according to local media.

“Shooting surface-to-surface cruise missiles and torpedo from domestic submarines, exercises of the special forces in coast and sea, drone and electronic war operations were on the agenda.”

Earlier in January, the first major drone exercise of the Iranian Army was staged in the northern province of Semnan, semi-official ILNA said.

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