Iran: Jailed Monarchist Is Deprived Of Medical Treatment

ICBPS- Monarchist prisoner Khaled Pirzadeh, whose prison beatings left him unable to walk beaten, is deprived of having medical treatment.
Despite deteriorating physical and mental health, Khaled Pirzadeh has been barred from being sent to the medical center.
The monarchist prisoner has been beaten multiple times by Islamic wardens to the point of needing to use a wheelchair.
On September 14, he has continuously been beaten for complaining about his treatment, according to his lawyer.
Khaled had complained about a plan by security guards to transfer him to another part of the prison, prompting a guard to retaliate by striking the dissident on the knee, VOA quoted his lawyer.
He serves his seven years prison term at Greater Tehran Penitentiary after being accused of vague charges.
The Islamic Revolutionary Court, chaired by the infamous Judge Moghiseh, sentenced him to seven years in prison for alleged charges of “assembly and collusion against the regime in Iran”, and “insulting the Supreme Leader”.
In February, Khaled, along with three other prisoners, went on hunger strike when he was kept at Tehran notorious Evin prison, protesting the denial of his request for parole, neglecting political prisoners requests, not conforming to the prison classification regulation, lengthy prosecutions, receiving unreasonable prison sentences, and finalizing the primary court’s verdicts without an opportunity to appeal.

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