Iran Lobby: What You Should Know About Hooman Majd

ICBPS- Iran Lobby: Hooman Majd is one of the Iranian lobbyists that nor Iranians inside neither U.S. officials know his relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Who exactly is he?
Hooman Majd, born in 1957 in Tehran, is an Iranian-American journalist, author, and commentator who writes on Iranian affairs. He is the author of several books, including (Ayatollah has a different opinion) – (Democracy of the Ayatollahs) – (Ministry of Guidance asks you not to stay: an American family in Iran).

Hooman Majd’s father was the ambassador of Iran to Japan under Shah’s dynasty. His maternal grandfather was Ayatollah Mohammad Kazem Assar, Iraqi-Iranian cleric, who is one of the authors of the Islamic Republic’s civil law. His paternal family was almost all Shiite clerics — and he’s related by marriage to the family of Mohammad Khatami, Iran’s president from 1997 to 2005. His grandfather and uncle were also students of theology.

He was known and talked about for the first time in Iran when a photo of them talking was published on the balcony of the Lusan Hotel in Switzerland, next to Mohammad Javad Zarif. He played a major role in the nuclear negotiations: From the head of the translation team to the Middle East consultant for the Iranian team, and the senior consultant Zarif.

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Iran Lobby: What You Should Know About Hooman Majd – ICBPS.

In their quest for wealth and power, the “New York Boys” [Iran Lobby] aligned themselves with American financial interests, including those of George Soros’.

He was part of Iran’s team at the UN, translating for two Iranian presidents, and has been a member of the Islamic Republic’s delegation to the United Nations.

His books are mostly about life in Iran, and the role of youth in Iranian society, and how to deal with imperialism and the West. His books have sold relatively well in the English language market in the Middle East over the last ten years. He has written articles that have been published in the New York Times and The Guardian.

Majd tells his American audience that Iran is a country where credit cards can not be used due to sanctions and you have to move around with bundles of money, and citizens are landed in debt and loan traps! It is evident that he appears in one way in the American media and differently in the Iranian media as his narratives are different.

He speaks eloquently in the American media about the U.S. sanctions and their pressure on the Iranian people. Yet, when he appears in the Iranian media talks about the imperialism and the evil of the U.S. administration. The media inside Iran called him the “Man of Many Faces”.
He is everywhere, and in the prolonged nuclear negotiations, and uninterruptedly was active in the meetings, and knew everything about all the provisions of the agreement.
He is a good friend of Mohammad Javad Zarif, and has repeatedly stated that he received gift or brokerage from Zarif!
He is one of the founders of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

After Trita Parsi arrived in the U.S., Hooman Majd was asked by Zarif to establish NIAC and use all his power to launch a money-laundering operation to transfer money from Europe to the United States.

Iranian American academic and political analyst, Hooshang Amirahmadi previously mentioned Zarif crated NIAC. He (Zarif) supported them (NIAC) politically and non-politically! “Trita Parsi was working for the Congressman Bob Ney”, then a couple of years later he (Bob Ney) was involved in a financial scandal – a huge corruption- which was related to this group (NIAC). Then he was jailed, lost his job, and finally retired.

Hooman Majd’s cooperation with Zarif and Ahmadinejad was more visible, but he has a long history of cooperation with the Islamic Republic that goes back more than 20 years. There were less news and photos of him and others. He is the godfather of NIAC.
With close ties to John Kerry and the U.S. media, Hooman Majd was able to hold news conferences and presents NIAC as an independent institution to achieve media legitimacy to start NIAC’s task. In fact, as a professional broker, he played a solid role in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

However, he has previously rejected his membership with NIAC and explained that he only wants to improve relations between Iran and the United States by playing a consultative role, but behind the scenes, he received million dollars in Switzerland as he has allegedly kept the money there. He played a key role to establish NIAC more than anyone else.

On the other hand, it is clear that Hooman Majd works with the Iran lobby NIAC, which has penetrated the U.S. Congress with a strong and strategic system. No news has been published about him in the Persian-language media abroad. Undoubtedly, he is the most important person on the NIAC team. “He is Trita Parsi’s master.”
Majd is undoubtedly one of the greatest betrayers in the history of Iran. With the money of millions of Iranians around the world, he buys luxury hotels and cars, and now, he is less present in public. He still helps the anti-Iranian NIAC.

Data Gathered By Daniel

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