Iran Lobby: What You Should Know About Maziar Bahari

ICBPS- Iran Lobby: Maziar Bahari, 53, is acting as one of the Iranian lobbyists in the West. He is not very well known by many Iranians inside, and not many U.S. officials are aware of his connections with the NIAC.
Maziar Bahari, was a reporter for Newsweek from 1998 to 2011. He is also one of the first Iranian-Canadians, who supported NIAC in the United States.
Bahari launched IranWire in 2014 for allegedly empowering Iranian citizen journalists by creating a forum in which young Iranians can discuss national and local news. This claim has never been fulfilled. And, a number of  Iranian journalists such as Reza Haghighatnejad, Shima Shahrabi, Aida Ghajar, Shahed Alavi, and Masih Alinejad who collaborate with Iranwire have repeatedly shown their considerable animus against Iranian people’s interests.
IranWire, owned and managed by Maziar Bahari, has never published any reports or articles about NIAC and has kept Iranian audiences in the dark in regards with the lobby groups and supporters of the Islamic Republic’s policies in the West.

Maziar Bahari (marked with an arrow in the image) along with other NIAC members next to another Iranian lobbyist Reza Marashi. Photo By Social Media.

Maziar Bahari’s book signing event was organized by NIAC in 2011.

Iran Lobby: What You Should Know About Maziar Bahari ICBPS Iran News NIAC
Maziar Bahari is signing his book at the event. Photo by Social Media.

Maziar is one of the main figures in the propaganda machine of the Islamic Republic whose Wedding-Love-Image-style with Moqtada Sadr is available online.

Iran Lobby: What You Should Know About Maziar Bahari ICBPS Iran News NIAC IranWire
Maziar Bahari next to Moqtada Sadr, a Shiite cleric close to Tehran – ICBPS – Photo by Social Media.

The so-called journalist created Cult of the Chameleon documentary was commissioned by Al Jazeera, and was highly acclaimed by NIAC that posted it on its YouTube channel.

The biased-documentary supposedly granted permission to work in Iran as a journalist.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly expressed its words in the language of foreign media: A more expensive but more effective way!


Credit: Daniel

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