Iran Lobby: What You Should Know About Negar Mortazavi

ICBPS- Iran Lobby: Negar Mortazavi is one of the Iranian lobbyists in DC and her relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran are well known.

 Who exactly is she?

Negar Mortazavi, 39, is an Iranian-American journalist, analyst, and researcher, focusing on Iran and the Middle East. She is one of the lobbyists who work for the most infamous National Iranian American Council (NIAC). Iran Lobby

She also works as a columnist for The Independent and host of the Iran Podcast to appease Ayatollahs in Tehran.
Negar Mortazavi was Born, and raised in Iran, then immigrated to the U.S. in 2002. She has a Master of Arts from Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts.
She mysteriously became one of the well-known Iranian reporters and journalists in the U.S.
In 2014, she joined NIAC as a journalist and political analyst. Since then, she supported and advised the former Head of NIAC Trita Parsi, and its team on communicating and representing themselves in the media, sharing her experience as an analyst.

The well-trained individual has urged many students all over the world and specifically the U.S., to support NIAC — both financially and politically. She has launched campaigns for young students to join NIAC Action.
As a regime apologist, Negar Mortazavi shares one-sided stories and biased portraits of the current situation in Iran, pretending that everything is well, and legitimize the Islamic Republic of Iran — yet, people are being jailed, tortured, abused, and executed by the Ayatollahs in Iran.
One of her tasks and NIAC’s goals is to convince and ensure the U.S. officials the only and the most significant matter is the sanctions imposed by the U.S. against Tehran.

Iranian American academic and political analyst, Hooshang Amirahmadi previously mentioned Zarif crated NIAC. He (Zarif) supported them (NIAC) politically and non-politically! “Trita Parsi was working for the Congressman Bob Ney”, then a couple of years later he (Bob Ney) was involved in a financial scandal – a huge corruption- which was related to this group (NIAC). Then he was jailed, lost his job, and finally retired.

She claims that Trump’s strategy of maximum pressure on Iran keeps getting close to a military conflict, which never happened.
Negar Mortazavi supports congressional candidates who receive endorsement by NIAC, and she continues to mislead them once they reach office, to spread the NIAC agenda on behalf of the Islamic Republic throughout the U.S.
Expertly-trained [ideology and mentally] to improve relations between the U.S. and the Iranian regime and lobbies on behalf of the mullahs in Tehran.
Thus, her well-trained experience enlists to appease Iran’s regime, promoting the Khoeminist propagandist minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Iran Lobby What You Should Know About Negar Mortazavi ICBPS Iran News IRGC Zarif NIAC
Iran Lobby: Negar Mortazavi is one of the Iranian lobbyists in DC -ICBPS.

In their quest for wealth and power, the “New York Boys” [Iran Lobby] aligned themselves with American financial interests, including those of George Soros’.

She has good relations with the Democratic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (born in Somalia Muslim country), Rashida Talib (the daughter of Palestinian immigrants).
The talented apologist knows how to use media for the Mullahs, distorting the facts. On December 26, 2020, she posted rare Christmas shopping in Iran while millions of Iranians have no penny to meet their basic needs.

Grave Sleepers, homeless people, and garbage collector kids collect reusable items to survive and are forced to live in cardboard cartons and vacant graves.

If you want to know how the Devil’s Advocate cheats audiences, Google keywords: Iran inflation rate, ‘Iran unemployment rate’, ‘Iran corruption rate’, ‘Iran drug-related crimes rate’, ‘Iran child bride rate’, ‘Iran garbage collector kids’, ‘Iran grave sleepers’, ‘Iran Execution rate per capita’, ‘Iran prisoners per capita’, and finally ‘Iran Nothing Per Capita’.
Impoverished families sell newborns or children for some cash, poors sell their organs to survive.
She also provided consultation the Iranian team during the nuclear negotiations, which ended to agree on the worst deal (JCPOA) ever.

Then, the NIACis succeed in misleading Obama-led six global powers and finally convinced them to give into it — which never deterred Iran’s regional ambitions.
If you want to know how Negar Mortazavi is a reliable and honest analyst to consult the U.S. government, look at how she distorts facts on behalf of the Mullahs.

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