Iran Protests: Detainees Flogged And Sexually Abused

ICBPS– The peaceful protesters – who have been arrested during the nationwide 2019 Iran Protests – were savagely flogged, sexually abused, and given electric shocks by the Islamic security agents in a horrific post-protest crackdown.

“In the days following the widespread protests, videos showing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security forces deliberately killing and injuring unarmed protesters and bystanders sent shockwaves worldwide. Much less visible has been the catalog of cruelty meted out to detainees and their relatives by IRI officials away from the public eye,” according to Amnesty International Diana Eltahawy in a condemning report published on September 2, 2020.

Death penalties have been issued based on torture-tainted “confessions.” Hundreds subjected to grossly unfair trials on so-called national security charges and ambiguous indictment.

  • “Widespread torture including beatings, floggings, electric shocks, stress positions, mock executions, waterboarding, sexual violence, forced administration of chemical substances, and deprivation of medical treatment.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s law enforcement, intelligence and IRGC security forces, and wardens have committed, with the complicity of the Islamic judges and prosecutors, a series of shocking human rights violations, including arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, torture, and other ill-treatment, against those detained in connection with the nationwide protests in 2019.

Islamic law enforcement has experienced in a medieval method of tortures to make detainees confession against themselves.

Over 1,500 people, including 17 juveniles and 400 women, were reportedly arrested during less than two weeks of unrest in mid-November of 2019.

A gruesome post-protest crackdown carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) during the so-called moderate Hassan Rouhani’s presidency as well as Iran Protests continue in various cities throughout the nation. 

On July 16, 2020, the Islamic security forces fired tear gas to disperse the new wave of protests gathered in the southwestern Iranian city of Behbahan. 

Haunting videos had gone viral on social media from inside the country indicate peaceful demonstrators chanting, “Fear not, fear not, we are in this together.”

Iranian demonstrators targeted top IRI’s officials by chanting anti-regime slogans.

Following the protest in Bahbahan, NetBlocks cybersecurity monitoring NGO announced on Twitter that the Internet disrupted in the oil-rich southwestern province Khuzestan. 

The Islamic regime vowed to ‘decisively’ deal with anti-regime, reported state-run media.

Nationwide protests and marches occurred in 2017 after Iranians took to the streets across the country and targeted Iran’s entire regime. 

The people are fed up with economic difficulties, corruption, and all crises caused by IRI, both domestically and abroad. 

 Inflation runs rampant in Iran again as the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) struggles to stem rising foodstuff and non-food product prices.


The report was gathered by the ICBPS team.

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