Iran Protests: Security Forces Open Fire Towards Demonstrators

ICBPS- Iranian citizens marched through streets over water shortages on July 16, 2021, in the oil-rich Khuzestan province, including its capital, Ahvaz.
Videos posted online indicate the police have fired weapons to disperse the crowds in the restive province in southwestern Iran.
People of at least 10 cities and several districts of Ahvaz took to the streets late Thursday to protest over water deficiency.
People set fire to tires, blocking roadways in anger, according to videos.
Police fired at protesters with shotguns while they were chanting anti-regime slogans, demanding compatriots to join them. Iran Protests
Multiple cities in Khuzestan province, including Hamidieh, Bostan, Susangerd, Mahshahr, Khoramshahr, Shadegan, Shush, Ghale Kan’an, and its capital, Ahvaz, were hit by anti-government protests.
Iran has faced rolling blackouts for weeks now as water worries in the past have sent angry demonstrators into the streets in Iran.
Precipitation had decreased by almost 50% in the last year, leaving dams with dwindling water supplies to fuel the country; however, this is not the only reason, but mismanagement has been the main cause of water shortages in Iran. Iran Protests

Reporting by Kaveh Taheri, Additional reporting by ICBPS, Editing by Kate Cohen.

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