Iran Sentenced Two Men to 10 Years in Jail on Espionage Charges

ICBPS– The Islamic Republic of Iran sentenced two men to 10 years in jail on alleged espionage charges.

Iranian-Austrian citizen Masud Mosaheb was sentenced to 10 years in prison for alleged charges of spying for Israeli and German intelligence over his role in the Austrian-Iranian Society.

Another defendant, Shahram Shirkhani also was accused of working for UK intelligence.

According to the Islamic judiciary system, five other Iranians — who worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Industries and Components and Support Companies, the Ministry of Defense and the Atomic Energy Organization — have been arrested on espionage charges in recent months. 

Islamic authorities arrested them over charges of “aiming to sabotage of infrastructure, projects, tightening sanctions” and “preventing the Islamic Republic of Iran from gaining access to new knowledge and technologies, as well as “creating challenges in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s relations with neighboring countries.”

The Islamic court accused Shirkhani on bogus charges of attempting to recruit others to Britain’s MI6 agency.

He allegedly sought to “corrupt officials and recruit” individuals and give away information of “contracts related to the Iranian Central Bank, Melli Bank, and the Defense Ministry,” Radio Farda quoted the judiciary spokesperson.

Mosaheb, who holds both Austrian and Iranian citizenship, was arrested after traveling to Iran capital Tehran in January 2019, reported Austria’s Der Standard.

Austria’s foreign ministry announced that it has continued to campaign for Mossaheb’s release since the ministry was informed of the arrest last year.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, however, does not recognize dual citizenship for those with Iranian origin and denies them access to consular assistance from their other country.

Around dozens dual nationals and foreigners are currently being held at detentions of intelligence services and IRGC — where the goal of inquisition — or jailed for ambiguous charges.

On July 20, the Islamic regime hanged Mahmoud Mousavi Majd on charges of “spying for CIA and Mossad.”

Early July, the regime executed former defense ministry employee Reza Asgari over alleged charges of “selling information to the US.” 

Iran is the country where its government carries out the medieval death penalty for some charges under the Islamic laws. 

Capital punishment (death penalty) is a legal penalty in Iran, which charges punishable by death penalty [under Shari’a law] include murder, rape, child molestation, pedophilia, drug trafficking, armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, burglary, incestuous relations, fornication, prohibited sexual relations, sodomy, prostitution, plotting to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran, political protest, sabotage, arson [with extensive destruction], rebellion, apostasy, adultery, blasphemy, extortion, counterfeiting, smuggling, speculating, disrupting production, recidivist consumption of alcohol, producing or preparing food, drink, cosmetics, or sanitary items that lead to death when consumed or used, producing and publishing pornography, using pornographic materials to solicit sex, recidivist theft, certain military offenses (assisting the enemy), “waging war against God” [Moharebeh], “spreading corruption on Earth” [Ifsad fil-arz], espionage, and treason.

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