Iranian Americans For Liberty Stands With Freedom-Loving People Of Iran

July 16, 2021 – On the evening of July 15, 2021, Iranian citizens took to the streets in the Khuzestan province to protest the Islamic Republic of Iran’s mismanagement of the corrupt system of government. Instead of responding to their just demands, the Iranian people have once again been curbed by the Islamic Republic’s security forces.
In response, the regime’s police opened fire on protesters in Khuzestan and the other provinces where families are suffering from water shortages and electricity blackouts.
The regime’s response was to use bullets instead of finding a solution to deal with the actual crisis. These actions by the Regime should immediately disqualify them from having any type of diplomatic relations with the United States of America.
Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL) proudly stands with the brave Iranian people in their struggle against the regime’s Ayatollahs and we will use all of our resources to amplify the freedom-loving voices to bring to the world’s attention the Iran Protests.
We will not rest until freedom is achieved for the people of Iran. The time is now for all Americans to stand up in support of the Iranian people and against the Regime.

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