Iranian Jailed Monarchist Has Been Beaten Up In Prison

ICBPS- Iranian Monarchist prisoner Shakila Monfared has been beaten up by inmates in Qarchak Prison after being held in the section where houses prisoners of violent crimes.
Several hardcore criminals insulted Shakila and had brutally beaten her up with a sharp lid of a can of tuna after the warden motivated the inmates to do so.
The Islamic authorities in Iran hold the prisoners of conscience in the wards where housing violent offenders to impose physical harm as Double-Punishment without officially claiming responsibility for it.
“The Iranian regime puts political prisoners in the same wards as hardcore criminals to subject them to abuse.” Iranian Columnist Mina Bai

The 27-year-old Shakila was sentenced to six years in prison and four months of ‘probation work’ in the Agricultural Jihad on charges of propaganda against the Islamic Republic and insulting the sanctities of Islam (blasphemy).
Shakila was initially arrested by security agents on Aug 31, 2020, and was sent to Tehran-based Sarallah headquarters, controlled by IRGC. Then, she was taken into Tehran’s notorious Evin prison after being interrogated
Finally, she was exiled to Qarchak prison, according to rights groups.


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