Iranian Monarchists’ Rally Ended Well; The Story Goes On

ICBPS- Dozens of Iranian Monarchists rallied in front of The ‘Grand Hotel Wien’ where closed-door nuclear talks with Tehran took place.
The Iranian Monarchists have held twenty protest rallies, at the same time as each day of the joint meeting of the two sides, and they sent a clear message to the West: “The Islamic Republic does not represent the Iranian people”
The rallies took place to protest over “Iran Nuclear Deal Talks”, which expected to lead to the US lifting sanctions and Iran returning to full compliance.
The Iranian patriotic monarchists gathered in front of The ‘Grand Hotel Wien’ where closed-door nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic were taking place in Austria’s capital.

“Go, Go! Terrorist Must Go!”

“Stop Negotiate With The Islamic Terrorist Regime,” is one of the clear messages the patriots are sending to the world.



The monarchists, who carried the one and only Iranian Lion and Sun flag, called global powers to stop negotiating with the most terrorist Islamic regime ever.
The Iranian patriots, who believe in monarchy as the only way to save Iran, carried dozens of Iranian Lion and Sun flags and set up banners, containing the images of the king of Iran (Mohammad Reza Shah) and Iranian exiled crown prince Reza Pahlavi.

“The Islamic Republic does not represent the Iranian people”: Iranian Monarchists

The exiled opposition patriots held banners, written another clear message target Beijing: “China Get Out Of Iran”
The dissidents, who want regime change in Iran, called world leaders to stop negotiating with the Islamic Republic.
They definitely warned the free world that the ‘appeasement’ of Ayatollahs in Tehran risks global security, especially the Middle East peace.
“This was not our first campaign, but we also gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Vienna on April 6, to protest over Tehran-Beijing 25-Year Accord,” Atousa Sabagh says.
Atousa, one of the campaigners against the Islamic Republic in Vienna, added that the independent monarchists will call all Iranian patriots to join them throughout the EU from May 19, when the COVID19 travel restriction ended.


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