Iran’s Missile Programme Is Non-Negotiable: So-Called Moderate Rouhani

ICBPS- The so-called moderate Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Tehran’s missile programme is non-negotiable, and that U.S. President-Elect Joe Biden is “well aware of it”.
“The Americans were trying for months to add the missile issue to the nuclear talks and this was rejected. President Donald Trump was uninformed, and did not know about the matter, but Biden is well aware of the details of the deal,” Rouhani told a televised news conference in Tehran.
The global powers, including regional nations, see Iran missile programme as a threat to regional stability.
Western countries see Iran’s missiles both as a conventional military threat to regional stability, and a [possible] delivery mechanism for nuclear weapon should Ayatollahs develop it.
Tensions between Washington and Tehran have risen since 2018, when President Donald Trump withdrew U.S. from the so-called Iran nuclear deal, and reimposed harsh economic sanctions on Tehran to curb its nuclear program, ballistic missile development, and support for regional proxies.
Since 1979, the Islamic Revolution took power in Iran, wherever some malicious activity happens, there are traces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Four years ago, Hassan Nasrallah, the Sec. Gen. of Iran regime-sponsored Lebanese paramilitary Hezbollah threatened to blow up Israel, targeting tanks in the northern Israeli Haifa port [home to the country’s most significant industrial estate] storing Ammonia Nitrate. The city [located storage area containing material which could be exploded with ten percent of the force of Hiroshima].

Islamic Republic of Iran’s scarecrow had obviously threatened to destroy Haifa [home to some 900,000], killing tens of thousands of people. The strawman described it as a nuclear bomb and emphasized that they possessed it. He had vowed bloody retaliation for U.S. killing of terrorist IRGC’s Qassem Soleimani.

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