Iran’s nuclear ambitions have a long history

California (Times Of Ocean)- A whistleblower says Tehran’s nuclear ambitions have a long history. Iran has been seeking nuclear weapons to leverage its malign actions.

Mahboubeh Hosseinpour is one of the victims, whose late brother Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour was murdered by Iranian intelligence agents at his home on the campus of Shiraz University on January 16, 2007, for refusing to cooperate with a weapons-grade uranium enrichment program. Ardeshir was 44 years old at the time.

Twelve years earlier, the Islamic Republic murdered another university professor, Dr. Mohammadreza Saadat, in Shiraz for the same reason. Ardeshir’s master’s thesis was supervised by him.

According to Islamic authorities, the late Iranian physicist died of gas poisoning.

Since then, Persian media abroad [mostly led by export agents] have been doing a smear campaign to blame Israeli Mossad for the assassination.

The mainstream media has consistently boycotted Mahboubeh, who has sought to uncover the truth over the years. Agents-run media shut up truth and bury it underground.

Damavand News is one of the few media outlets which has been taken care of freedom and truth.

Mahboubeh stated Mullah’s regime in Iran assassinated Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour after her brother refused to cooperate in a weapon-grade uranium enrichment program, Damavand News was learned.

According to Damavand, “Ardeshir repeatedly told his family that intelligence agents were putting pressure on him and threatening him.”

Mahboubeh exposed Iran’s nuclear secrets in an open letter and asserted Tehran has been seeking nuclear weapons as his brother understood the truth.

“Rather than trust a regime that has been engaged in war, terror and creating chaos, I urge you to support Iranians who are fed up with their tyrants and are calling for regime change in Iran,” she wrote in the letter.

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