Iran’s provinces Still COVID-19 Red Zone, IRI Ends Lockdown

ICBPS– [Last updated: July 4, 2020], officially, Iran ranked 11th in world total COVID-19 pandemic cases, with 235,429 total infections, more than 11,260 deaths, and 196,446 recovered, allegedly.

Iranian specialists warn citizens that the COVID-19 trends graph in at least 14 provinces is on the rise anew, but, the Islamic tyrants decided to end virus-related lockdown and rituals are set to resume across the country. 

Domestic travel tours reoperated as so-called moderate Rouhani endorsed ending virus-related restrictions and advocated the resumption of economic activities. The Shiite holy shrines and roofed shopping centers and malls reopened.

The Islamic regime still tries to cover-up the true scale of COVID-19 pandemic– nor aid packages have been sent to Iranians neither budget brought up to deal with the crisis.  

Islamic ministry of health warns the provinces of Khuzestan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Khorasan Razavi, and Ilam are in a “red zone” for COVID-19, and the provinces of Tehran, Fars, Mazandaran, Hamadan, Zanjan, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Alborz have lowered virus alert from the other 7 provinces.

According to officials at the ministry of health, the outbreak continues to be exacerbated in several provinces, with more than hundreds of people dying of Covid-19 in the past days.

In mid-April, The Institute of Capacity Building for Human Rights (ICBHR) reported that more than 3,000 employees of the Iranian banking system contracted the Coronavirus, and at least 42 died after falling ill with the virus.

There are irregularities in data between IRI’s statistics and grassroots reports, which local citizen-reporters have posted on social media.

Iran is the country that suffered greatly due to an incompetent and uncaring authoritarian regime was Iran, which quickly became the nation with the second-rate of Coronavirus cases, after China, the ICBHR explained in another detailed survey.

“The year 2020 will be remembered in history as the year of the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. The disease’s rapid spread in the first three months of year leads to, as of April 5th, lead to 1.213,869 million becoming infected, and over 65,603 dying, with cases increasing rapidly. The full picture of the virus’s spread isn’t known, however, because some authoritarian governments aren’t disclosing everything that is occurring inside their countries to the world. Yet, it is precisely those authoritarian governments who bear responsibility for the virus’s emergence and ability to become a global pandemic.”

Iran – one of the worst affected countries early on, and is now facing a resurgence of the virus – has experienced a striking surge in the number of Coronavirus infections. The new cases have spiked in mid-May and have remained high despite a re-imposition of some restrictions on movement.

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