IRGC Arrests Another Iranian Monarchist

ICBPS- The Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) announced the arrest of an Iranian Monarchist dissident in northern Iran.
One of the crimes he has been accused of is supporting the campaign called Boycott Iran Sham Elections.
IRGC Karbala Division in Mazandaran province said he was “one of the main leaders” who was associated with a diaspora Monarchist group.
The state-run news agencies, however, did not mention the name of the detainee in their reports.
The Islamic Revolutionary Courts have set up extrajudicial punishments against dozens of Iranian Monarchists in the past months for reportedly supporting the Monarchy after the IRGC Intelligence Organization and the Ministry of Intelligence arrested many dissidents who believe in Monarchy.
Iranian Monarchist prisoner Khaled Pirzadeh, who was repeatedly beaten in prison and was unable to walk, went on an infinite hunger strike [again] on May 31, 2021, to plea for his basics rights after authorities barred him from even receiving proper medical attention.
The Monarchists, Arsham Rezaei, Mohammad Abolhasani, and Shakila Monfared, were reportedly sentenced to eight years and six months imprisonment by the Islamic Revolutionary Court, rights groups released.
Recently, Iranian Monarchist prisoner Shakila Monfared has been beaten up by inmates in Qarchak Prison after being held in the section where houses prisoners of violent crimes.
Several hardcore criminals insulted Shakila and had brutally beaten her up with a sharp lid of a can of tuna after the warden motivated the inmates to do so.
Sasan Niknafs
, the father of two daughters (aged 8 and 9), is another Monarchist prisoner who died in the Great Tehran Penitentiary (Fashafuyeh) due to a lack of medical care.

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