IRI and Pakistan collaborate with ISIS terrorists and Taliban in Afghanistan

US Air Force Plane reportedly shot down by the Taliban (funded by Iran regime) terrorist group in Ghazni Afghanistan. That area is under Taliban control of the Taliban. NATO Forces are not able to reach the crash site. It’s been reported that all boarded passengers were killed.

A few years ago, ISIS terrorists went from Syria to Iran and from there, they are sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to oppress Balochi political dissidents and create more unrest in the area.

For years, Iran’s regime businessmen were working with Pakistani intelligence in order to bring ISIS terrorists from Syria to Iran. From Iran, they went to Pakistan and from there, they went to Afghanistan. Pakistan is a double-dealer. On the one hand, they are sending terrorists to Afghanistan and on the other hand, they are helping the EU and US gather intelligence. Innocent Balochi refugees are being abducted and murdered by the Taliban, Pakistani intelligence, and ISIS.

Multiple groups from Pakistan are funding ISIS and the Taliban who are both active in Afghanistan. The ISIS and MI receive funds from the drug trade, which they use to support ISIS and the Taliban. The government of Pakistan was directly using ISIS against the Balochi people.

The terrorists are given the task of killing local indigenous Balochi tribal members partly to remove any possible witnesses to uranium, gold, and silver mining involving Iranian and Chinese companies. Numerous Iranians are reported to be there also. They are mostly engaged in the drug trade and bring Balochis for recruitment incentives.

ISIS and the Iran Quds Forces, Qassam Soleimani had a long history going back to 2003 and 2004 when ISIS was known as Al-Qaeda-Iraq. Soleimani delivered copper-tipped IEDs that killed or maimed many American servicemen, as well as military personnel and civilians from other western countries. Presently, Soleimani was in full tactical command of all ground troops in Iraq. He had a house in the Green Zone near the U.S. Embassy.

Soleimani broke a deal with ISIS in Syria to assure ISIS that Iran would not bomb them in Syria. Iran manufactures the TNT barrel bombs with or without CW in the IRGC Ops Center in Iraq and provides it to Assad for use against civilians and FSA targets. Since that time, the relationship between the Iranian regime and ISIS has expanded, specifically for terror engagement in Afghanistan.

It is the Iranian regime that is murdering all of the real activists against ISIS. The Iranian regime never got rid of ISIS. They are destroying anything related to humanity and freedom in Iraq. I know various people from the Sunni and Shia groups in Baghdad. Everything that you see is done by the Islamic regime in Iran, such as the bombing of Shia mosques. They want to create division between Sunnis and Shia so that they can establish their own Shia Empire in the Middle East. They are the source of terrorism and unrest in the Middle East.

ISIS terrorists leave Syria and travel safely through Iran to Pakistan, where they connect with the Taliban and are controlled by the Pakistani government’s ISI. They are then brought into Afghanistan without visas to prepare for assaults against NATO troops and any westerners, especially English speaking ones.

The Balochis have been fighting to be free from Pakistan and they have been oppressed for years. However, Iranian Balochis are also suffering. They are in a horrendous financial situation. I have been following what Iran has been doing. They are making the country to be divided in pieces. They oppress the Azeris, Balochis, Kurds. Arabs, and don’t give them anything. All of these people are tremendously oppressed and are living in a horrendous financial situation. There is a movement in Iran. They want to make Iran divided into many pieces. Iran is against the separatist movement in Balochistan and is supporting the Pakistani government by bringing terrorists from Syria into Iran and then sending them to Pakistan and Afghanistan.


The article was originally written by the award-winning Canadian human rights advocate and freelance writer Shabnam Assadollahi in 2017. Photo Credit by The Times.

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