Islamic Authorities Killed Iranian Dervish Behnam Mahjoubi

Tehran Evin Prison ICBPS Iran Human Rights News Islamic Authorities Killed Iranian Dervish Behnam Mahjoubi
Islamic Authorities Killed Iranian Dervish Behnam Mahjoubi - ICBPS - Photo by VOA.

ICBPS- Tortured Sufi prisoner Behnam Mahjoubi was killed by the Islamic authorities after receiving unknown prison medication.

Iran’s persecuted Gonabadi Dervish Behnam Mahjoubi was killed on Tuesday, 16 February 2021 at Loqman Hospital four days after receiving an unknown medication in Evin prison.

Behnam was transferred to the hospital on February 12 from Tehran notorious Evin Prison.

“Credible sources from among hospital authorities have informed us that Behnman Mahjoubi has passed away but medical staff were ordered us to keep him connected to the machines for three days to keep up appearances,” former Sufi prisoner Ebrahim Allah Bakshi posted on his Twitter account.

Tehran Evin Prison’s medical staff refused to send incarcerated Behnam urgently to the hospital and endangered his life, according to the news.

Behnam reportedly had two panic attacks in a short period of time, but the prison’s medical staff refused to treat him and sent him back to the ward, said the sources.

Behnam’s cellmates took him to the medical ward after the third attack, and inmates forced the prison’s medical staff to transfer him to a hospital after he had repeatedly vomited and lost his power of speech, and was bleeding from the ear.

The sources say Prison’s medical staff has claimed the reason for the transfer to hospital was medicine poisoning, but Behnam was receiving drugs from the prison staff and consumed them in front of wardens and now wardens claim he has used too much medicine.

“Medical staff kept giving Behnam sleeping pills and they caused his poisoning on purpose,” according to the sources.

Behnam Mahjoubi was among those Dervishes arrested in April 2018 in connection with peaceful protests, began on Golestan-e Haftom street in the Pasdaran neighborhood in north Tehran on January 4 by Gonabadi Dervishes, that were violently raided by the Islamic agents. Hundreds of men and women were arrested after the security forces attack.

Behnam Mahjoubi was released on bail later that year while also being sentenced to two years prison term on the charge of “assembly and collusion against national security.” Finally, he was summoned to serve his prison sentence on June 20, 2020.

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