Jihadi Terrorist Taliban Hoists Its Flag in Tehran

ICBPS– Jihadi terrorist Sunni group Taliban – deep-seated in Afghanistan – waved its flag in Tehran’s Mellat Park on Friday, August 1, 2020.

The Sunni militia members hoisted their flag in the Tehran famous parkland after the terrorist group announced a 72-hour Eid ceasefire early Friday.


The alleged ceasefire began early Friday after a bloody spring in Afghanistan as Muslims mark Eid al-Adha.

Since US-Taliban [so-called] peace agreement in February, over 3,500 Afghan security forces have been reportedly killed, hundreds [including civilians] injured, says Afghan government.

An Afghan helicopter was shot down in the country’s south late July by what the United States and Afghan officials said was a missile rarely seen in the hands of the Taliban, which supposedly developed in Iran.

In January, another Afghan helicopter was shot by an anti-tank guided missile in the same area near the Khajaki Dam, Taliban’s territory. 

First February, media releases news of the U.S. Air Force jet crash that the military plane E-11A brought down and burned in a snowy mountainous region in Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed responsibility for downing the U.S. military plane. In a statement, accompanied by video footage and photographs of the plane and charred bodies of the crew, the terrorist militia spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said: “Our mujahideen have taken down the plane tactically.”

Based on reports, the weapons used in both strikes were most likely supplied by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). The same anti-tank guided missiles, which are provided by the U.S., Russia, and IRI, are common in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and now, appeared in Afghanistan.

IRI plays an ambiguous role in Afghanistan as its graveyard as it feeds, trains, and funds the Jihadi militia against NATO troops in the country. Tehran exports weapons, including deadly roadside bombs, for militants to attack NATO forces in western Afghanistan.

The IRI’s Quds Force, the overseas operations arm of the FTO-IRGC, supplies the Taliban with lethal arms, which has included Man-portable air-defense system (known as MANPADS) and bounty.

Jihadi Terrorist Talibans Hoist Its Flag in Tehran Institute of Capacity Building for Political Studies ICBPS IRAN Ghaani IRGC Quds 1
Photo credit by Afghanistan-Asia-News.

The new Quds commander Brig. Gen. Esmail Ghaani, the successor of dead Soliemani, has a long-shadowy experience in Afghanistan. In the late 1980s, Ghaani became active in the country. He, however, does not have Soleimani’s charisma or distinction as a military commander but has a long-term history in Afghanistan.



Qatar hosts the Taliban and grants the militia group an office because Doha has a good relationship with IRI. In another perspective, Qatar supports the Jihadi Sunni group due to Saudi and Turkey ties with Kabul that conflicts with the Taliban.

Jihadi Terrorist Talibans Hoist Its Flag in Tehran Institute of Capacity Building for Political Studies ICBPS Qatar Iran Khatami
Photo Credit by Persian BBC.

The relationship between the Shiite regime of Iran and the Sunni militia Taliban in Afghanistan became considerably close since 2015 as the Islamic State (ISIS) was supposed as a more significant threat to Tehran’s interests.

IRI’s Intelligence Minister previously said “ISIS has lost land, but has not surrendered its arms, and is looking for land in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia in order to, in this way, revive the idea of the Islamic caliphate.”

IRI has gained significant interests in Afghanistan as it also enlists Afghans to fight in favor of its Syrian ally Bashar al-Assad. Over the past few years, thousands of young [Shiite] Afghan men have been dispatched to the civil war in Syria. In return, Afghans bring home cash – of course, if they are not killed in the battle and survive. 

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