Left’s Box Of Tricks; Your Vote, Their Choice!

The election results startled the world’s largest democracy at 4.10 pm Washington time on January 7, 2021, widening the gap between the voters, multinational corporations, and big names among American politicians.
When President Obama came to power, the Democratic Party was weakened as the traditional Liberal Democrats ruling elite were gradually replaced with supporters of Antifa, BLM, Islamist groups, and Socialist groups supporting the communist China.
On January 21, 2021, the US presidential elections finally came to an end, but the panic around the presidential elections remains in the world’s politics. Less than a century has passed since World War II, and the public is living a nightmare thinking about how it was possible that the greatest democracy in the world suddenly degenerated into a semi-civilized country in a few years and violated all democratic values getting along with the policies of communist China and Islamists!
In the process, even the US president’s Twitter account was dismantled while those of the leaders of international terrorism and antisemitism are still afloat and keep spreading their anti-Semitic and terrorist propaganda ideas of dissemination Israel and Jews.
What is clear is that the mafia behind the Chinese Communist Party’s virus specifically targeted President Donald Trump. They encouraged the terrorist-anarchist groups’ acts of setting fire to the American flag, demolishing stores and statues. They never condemned these acts and they tried to blame President Trump, instead.
On the other hand, President Donald Trump did all he could to prevent corruption in the presidential election, but against the huge influence of the media affiliated with giant multinational companies, he failed. In the end, everyone ignored his valuable services and the worst accusations were made against him.
The US election showed that the giant institutions in the world, control everything, even to the point of bringing a large number of politicians to power. This election highlighted the role that big media and their widespread corruptions, can play in influencing people’s lives.
With this very unusual situation in the United States, the question that arises is, whether the global-Chinese economy can take control of politics in different countries, disrupt democracies and rule of law, and influence elections?
The global media are now being hired by these globalist giants of the Chinese economy. This is no longer about the defeat or victory of President Trump. This is about a system that, like the clerical monster in Iran, has taken over all aspects of human life and no one on the planet will be spared from its economic and spiritual damage. One can only hope that the page turns and the people of the world regain their consciousness against this system. Then it would be no longer possible to go back. Of course, the capitalist system will continue to exist, but global-Chinese capitalism will be expelled from the scene, no matter what role it plays and how it presents itself, even if it is disguised as the liberal left.
Europeans who used to consider the United States as their angel of salvation after World War II, started criticizing President Trump who received more than 75 million votes. Most news agencies and globalist communists in the United States and Europe also criticized Trump and used all kinds of fake news to overthrow him without ever mentioning any of his great achievements in the past four years. The historic Arab-Israeli peace treaty in the Middle East, cutting off the Islamic terrorist regime of Iran’s hand from the Middle East by imposing maximum sanctions, leaving the costly Paris Climate Agreement, decreasing drastically the unemployment rate to a historically low in the U.S., and fighting the Chinese Communist Party’s Coronavirus were definitely among the most important achievements of President Trump.
The real Liberal Democrats who founded the Democratic Party seem unlikely to recover from the big blow inflicted by the Left on the Democratic Party and the American people, with the help and support of the BLM, Antifa, Islamist groups, and the China Communist Party as well as left-wing European politicians. A gap has been widening between American people. However, a system resulting from fraud, lies, censorship, and distortion cannot play a role in the world’s macro-policies in the long run.
The Islamic Republic of Iran had high hopes that Joe Biden’s coming to power will ensure its survival by lifting the sanctions and returning to the JOCPA. The Iranian people, on the other hand, with a correct understanding of this issue, were concerned about the Presidency of Joseph Biden. They know that the influence of left-wing Islamists in the power circle, not only would not help them to improve their conditions, but also would empower the criminal regime.
The near future will show how long Joe Biden and his new administration will remain in power, but already the new US President’s policies in just a few days have begun to create a worrying outlook for the United States, the growing terrorism, and another possible war in the Middle East.
Is the current US president in complete control or is he carrying out orders of the hidden hands who have placed him in the White House?


Translated by Avideh Rafaëla Motmaenfâr @AvidehM

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