MEP Calls For Cancellation Of Europe-Iran Business Forum

ICBPS- Member of the European Parliament, Charlie Weimers on Friday has called for the cancellation of the Europe-Iran Business Forum next week.
“Now is not the time!” Charlie Weimers, member of the European Parliament from Sweden since 2019, wrote on his Twitter account, arguing the Islamic Republic’s malicious activities.
“Iran continues to oppress and execute its own citizens and sponsor terrorism in Mid East & Europe,” Weimers emphasized.
Afterward, he addressed Josep Borell and asked him “will you engage or stand up for human rights & Europe’s security?”
The Europe-Iran Business Forum is a major online conference focused on economic opportunities in Iran. The so-called business forum is an online event planned to take place virtually from 1 to 3 March.

Further, In a letter to the Presidents of the European Council, the European Commission, and the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, 22 members of the European Parliament have called on EU officials, including Josep Borrell, not to participate in the Forum in early March.
In the letter, lawmakers (6 from Poland, 4 from Spain, 2 from Italy, 2 from Slovakia, and others from the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czechia, France, Belgium) wrote that EU officials should not take part in the forum because of the continued flagrant human rights violations in Iran.
“We, furthermore, call on the EU to take urgent action to save the lives of death row prisoners, as the executions are carried out by the Iranian authorities despite an international outcry and calls, including those of the European Parliament,” according to the statement.

On December 18, Charlie Weimers slashed Swedish and other socialists in the European Parliament, called on them to stop softening the EU stance towards the Islamic Republic of Iran!
The outstanding Swedish politician also asked his counterparts to repeat after him: “I support the aspirations of the Iranian people who want to live in a free, stable, inclusive, and democratic country.”

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