Monarchists Are In Pitched Battle With Global Leaders Over ‘Iran Talks’

ICBPS- A group of Iranian monarchists gathered on Friday protesting world powers’ attitude towards Mullahs in Iran.
Iranian monarchists gathered in Düsseldorf to hold protests over “Iran Nuclear Deal Talks”.
The monarchists arranged an anti-Tehran rally in Düsseldorf, western Germany, calling world powers to stop negotiation with Ayatollahs who have destroyed Iran since took power in 1979.
On May 7, 2021, the Iranian dissidents, carrying the one and only Iranian Lion and Sun flag, asked global powers to avoid dealing with Mullahs.

“Don’t deal with Mullahs” is one of the slogans the protesters have shouted.
The rally was organized in front of US and UK Consulates General Dusseldorf to elevate the voices of Iranian people and political prisoners.
The campaigners, who believe in monarchy as the only way to save Iran, carry dozens of Iranian Lion and Sun flags and set up banners, containing the image of Iranian exiled crown prince Reza Pahlavi, blame global powers for the appeasement of Tehran.
“No to the Islamic Terrorist Regime,” is another clear message the dissidents are sending to the world.

In another rally, Iranian monarchists gathered in Vienna to hold protests over “Iran Nuclear Deal Talks”, which have been entered the fourth round today over a U.S. return to the JCPOA, as differences over sanctions relief and the status of Tehran’s nuclear program threaten to prolong discussions.
The Iranian patriotic monarchists have gathered in front of The ‘Grand Hotel Wien’ where closed-door nuclear talks with the Islamic Republic were taking place in Austria’s capital.


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