ICBPS MORNING BRIEF Afghanistan Peace Talks Underway In Qatar Israel U.S. normalization President Donald Trump

ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Afghanistan Peace Talks Underway In Qatar

ICBPS Morning Brief– Afghanistan Peace Talks are scheduled to meet in the Persian Gulf nation Qatar today.

The first-ever Afghanistan peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban militants are underway in Doha.

Afghanistan Peace Talks follow a U.S.-Taliban security deal reached in February as the Asian country has seen four decades of conflict, with tens of thousands of civilians killed, millions displaced.

Afghan Peace Talks: Afghan government calls for a ceasefire.

The Historic Talks come after the Arab Nations normalization with Israel as the first Historic Breakthrough ever.

Late August, President Donald Trump Team, led by Jared Kushner, succeed to normalize relations between Arab Nations and Israel after about 50 years of conflict.

And now it is Afghanistan’s turn. What is the next country?

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