ICBPS MORNING BRIEF Belarusian Dissident Kovalkova Forced To Leave The Country Belarus Reuters Alexander Lukashenko

ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Belarusian Dissident Kovalkova Forced To Leave The Country

ICBPS MORNING BRIEF– Belarusian opposition activist Olga Kovalkova was forced to leave Belarus after an arrest.

The senior figure in the Belarusian opposition Coordination Council, Kovalkova arrived in the Polish capital, Warsaw, on Saturday, declaring she was forced by authorities in Belarus to leave her homeland.

Olga Kovalkova was reportedly sentenced to 10 days in prison on August 25, 2020.

She would face further persecution, including arrest and prison term, if she did not leave Belarus, authorities told her.

The authorities held her into isolation before she left Belarus.

Another activist Olga Karatch claimed that the Belarus regime ‘threatened to kidnap my baby son’.

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