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ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Iran-Back Proxies Been Funded Billions

ICBPS Morning Brief– Iran-back proxies have been funded billions of dollar in the past years. Iran has actually sent more than $16 billion to its terror proxies and partners since 2012, says the State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus.

Rejecting the Islamic Republic of Iran’s president claims, Morgan Ortagus again blasted rulers in Tehran for their malicious activities in the region.

“At the UN’s 75th General Assembly, the IRI president Hassan Rouhani has claimed that its regime supports peace and combats extremism.”

In a Thread on her Twitter account, Morgan Ortagus wrote that money should’ve gone back to the Iranian people they stole it from.

“If the “era of dominance and hegemony” that Rouhani speaks of is over, why doesn’t Iran get its troops and proxies out of Iraq, and stop trying to dominate Lebanon through Hezbollah?”

U.S. sanctions on Iran target their support for terrorism, their nuclear program, and the corrupt Iranian officials who oppress the Iranian people- not humanitarian trade and assistance, declared the spokesperson.

“The U.S. even offered COVID assistance to Iran, but Hassan Rouhani’s government rejected it,” Ortagus added.

The United States always warns that the Islamic regime in Iran would be held accountable for any action by its ‘Shia militias’ in the Middle East, including Iraq, against U.S. interests, and reminded Tehran to take those warnings ‘seriously.’

Iran’s regime interferes in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and other countries in the region to foment chaos and civil wars. Iran spends billions on proxy wars throughout the Mideast to gain its ambitions.

Iran-Back Proxies threaten nations in the region, attack the U.S. interests and say there would be “escalation” if Tehran’s demands are not met. Iran has been funding and arming militants abroad since soon after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Morgan Ortagus is one of the western officials who has repeatedly stand with Iranians against their tyrants. She has supported Iran Protests.

In the midst of Iran Protests, she tweeted: “We stand by the people of Iran as they demand accountability and transparency from their government. Iran did not use the billions of dollars in JCPOA sanctions relief to build schools or hospitals, but to fund terrorist proxies throughout the Middle East.” #IranProtests

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