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ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Iran COVID19 Third Wave Warning

ICBPS Morning Brief– Iran Covid19 third wave will occur more intensely as the country has not got back to a true baseline amid first-second waves.

“Unfortunately, at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Rouhani’s administration was not involved properly with the Islamic Ministry of Health, which led us to lose the golden time to hit the COVID19 epidemic,” said the Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council member Hussein Gheshlaghi.

Late August, in its detailed report, ICBPS rang the alarm bells as it warned the international community that Iran Coronavirus Coverup could ultimately bring a terrible disaster to the nation. 

Iran’s Coronavirus records [unofficially] show over 100,000 people died with COVID19 symptoms up to August 28, versus 21,254 reported by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI).

The IRI’s official record, however, makes Iran the worst-hit in the Middle East, but the reports from citizens who have lost loved ones due to Coronavirus are evidence that IRI is lying.

The number of people known to be infected with Coronavirus is also almost 60 times the official figures: 25 million as opposed to 370,190.

Since months ago, fifteen of the 31 provinces in Iran have been Coronavirus’ Red Zone’, as the Islamic Ministry of Health spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari warns citizens that the virus trends graph in at least eleven other provinces is on the rise anew.

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