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ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Iran COVID19 Upward Trend Continues

ICBPS Morning Brief– Iran COVID19 upward trend mostly continues in at least 12 provinces as the country hits the highest Coronavirus positive cases in the Middle East.

At least 128 people died of Coronavirus and more than 2,0000 positive cases have been identified in the country in the past 24 hours.

Since July, more than fourteen of the 31 provinces in Iran have been COVID19’ Red Zone’, as the Islamic Ministry of Health spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari warns citizens that the virus trends graph in at least eleven other provinces are on the rise anew. 

 Iran – officially ranked 12th in world total Coronavirus cases, with 402,029 total infections, more than 23,157 deaths, and 346,242 recovered, allegedly — is one of the countries where the outbreak has hit it.

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The estimated number of Coronavirus positive cases is ten times the government reports as more Coronavirus positive cases detected.

 On July 18, in an unprecedented statement, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani exposed that more than 25 million Iranians have been contracted COVID19 in the country so far.

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 “It is estimated that 25 million Iranians are infected with the Coronavirus in the last 150 days, and that another 35 million are at risk of acquiring it,” ICBPS quoted the so-called moderate president.

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