ICBPS MORNING BRIEF Iran Municipal Admin Arrested For Corruption embezzlement bribery damage or destruction of state property 1

ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Iran Municipal Admin Arrested For Corruption

ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: The Islamic Judiciary office in Mazandaran announced that a former municipal administrator had been arrested over corruption charges.

In a statement, the Islamic judicial system expressed that it issued an arrest warrant for Abdolhamid Farzaneh, the former supervisor in Sari municipality, and a broker in connection with top officials.

They were arrested for alleged charges of “embezzlement,” “bribery,” “damage or destruction of state property,” according to the judiciary.

Previously, four members, ten employees, and some former directors were reportedly arrested.

The arrests have been carried out in the way of an alleged anti-corruption campaign, target only mid-level executives, not senior officials.

The experts, however, believe that the so-called anti-corruption campaign works as a political pressure against rivals and other parties. 

Some political figures and entities have also been accused of failing to return the high-value assets of the Mostazafan Foundation. READ FULL REPORT HERE


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