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ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Iran Tankers Head Toward Venezuela, More Tankers To Come

ICBPS Morning Brief– Iran has supplied three tankers, dispatched to the Venezuelan port as another round of Tehran’s oil shipment.

It is a test of how the United Stated will react, according to analysts.

The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) provides Venezuela with another oil shipments as tracking service TankerTrackers indicates.

The TankerTrackers says three Iranian owned and flagged vessels have left Iranian vital Port Bandar Abbas, southern the country, with a suggested routing to Venezuela via Suez Canal.

The trio is part of five vessels that discharges IRI’s products in the south American nation in May and June.

The trio switched off AIS as the loading is believed to have taken place in Port Shahid Rajai in southern Iran.

In mid-Aug, Washington seized the IRI cargo on board four Greek-linked tankers that was reportedly being shipped to Venezuela in a move to sever trade links between the two sanctioned countries.

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