ICBPS MORNING BRIEF Iran To Amputate Teenagers Finger For Alleged Robbery Iran human rights violations Execution of Warrants Department death penalty capital punishment

ICBPS MORNING BRIEF: Iran To Amputate Teenagers Finger For Alleged Robbery

ICBPS Morning Brief– The Islamic Court in Iran has sentenced three teenagers to have their fingers amputated for alleged robbery.

Teenagers Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian, and Mehdi Shahivand were handed the Medieval punishment on Thursday for alleged robbery after a failed attempt to appeal, according to the local news release.

The Islamic Court has issued the harsh sentence against the three teenagers for alleged robbery, in keeping with Sharia law, four fingers will be cut off from their right hands.

The case has been handed to the “Execution of Warrants Department” at Urmia Central prison to execute the sentence.

The teenagers are currently kept at Urmia Central prison, northwestern Iran.

In 2018, the Islamic tyrants in Iran amputated a man’s hand convicted of an alleged theft. The authorities carried out the medieval punishment in a shocking act of cruelty. 

Torture, capital punishment (death penalty), deliberately jeopardizing detainees’ health, severing people’s limbs, taking away the convicts’ eyesight and subjecting the defendants to brutal lashings are among the common sentences in Iran.

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